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Home of Role-Play and Writing, The Story Forged is a Role-Play community based in various MMORPGs, and focuses upon the development of personal storylines, as well as a larger, collective story based upon guilds or our presence in the game community as a whole. Our main presence lay on the Ebon Hawk US server on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Other game communities can be found on The Elder Scrolls: Online. Contact us via Enjin to join our Skype or Discord Chats.

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Like our site? Looking to learn more about us? Well, look no further! Contact Matt on Skype or Enjin at dansemandalorian.

Star Wars: The Old Republic GuildsEdit

The Story Forged draws its member and officer base from several guilds, and aims to create a network throughout the SWTOR community. Each Guild follows and adheres to the same policies, both officers and members.

  • All Guilds on Star Wars: The Old Republic in The Story Forged run from the United States Ebon Hawk server.

The Zkasaeva DominionEdit

Main Article: The Zkasaeva Dominion

The Zkasaeva Dominion is a Sith Guild that focuses on a growing Sith Pseudo-Empire. After enduring countless hardships, the surviving leaders of the Dominion's previous incarnation, The Zkasaeva Order, have formed a new government, allying themselves more closely to allow for a smoother expansion into unknown reaches of the Galaxy. The Dominion's goal is to spread their own spin on the philosophy of the Sith to the rest of the galaxy, one step at a time while crushing or converting those who may wish to oppose them.

Who to Contact:

  • Matt- Cyhierion, Azinimus, Ciannu
  • Ethan- Regnar'ok, Anyar'a, Karathul
  • Anthony- Prudentius, Anulov Femera, Lucius Tarley
  • Maria- Freralle, Tasmaya
  • Thane- Mørkheim
  • Torak- Uharaz

Aliit KalmarevEdit

The closest allies of the Dominion's previous incarnation, Aliit Kalmarev, or the 'Tribe of Bladed Fists' is a Mandalorian Clan based off of the Mandalorian Homeworld of Manda'yaim or Mandalore. They are a traditional clan that follows the rules of Resol'nare, answering the call of Mand'alor, and following the core traditions that the six actions tells them about. Their ways are those of the Mandalorian Crusaders and Neo-Crusaders, despite not sporting the same style of armor.

Who to Contact:

  • Ethan- Meshla'kyr, Hettyc'nau, Tal'khad
  • Matt- Kad'drot, Kaiviss

The Elder Scrolls: Online GuildsEdit

The Story Forged has a few guilds in the running here and there, but one such guild is on Elder Scrolls: Online.

The Bleakrock DragoncultEdit

After the ruinous attack by the Daggerfall Covenant on Bleakrock Isle, a Nord Madman was left behind by the refugee party, staying attached to the Ancient Nordic Ruins. Taking the regalia of the ancient Dragon Priests, he proclaimed himself as one of their number: a Priest of the Ancient Dragons. Any wayfarers whom wished to visit the Isle would hear his tales, and slowly but surely, the numbers of the this cult began to form.

Who to Contact:

  • Thane- @Thane_Nol

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